Flux Meters

We, Star Trace Pvt. Ltd. is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of unbeatable-quality magnetic field flux meters. These magnetic flux meters are made from superior-quality raw materials to ensure the quality of the products. Our magnetic field flux meters are sent for quality testing before being supplied and exported to customers, which ensures customer satisfaction.


The Model STFM-110 electronic flux meter measures magnetic flux cut. A search coil is widely used for general magnetic measurements, such as the magnetizing force of permanent magnets. The flux of magnetic circuits is used in various types of electrical equipment, like stay flux detection and end voltage integration.

  • Flux Meter
  • Measuring Range: 103, 10 4, and 106, Kilomaxwell turns with 100% over range protection.
  • Indication : 3 1/2digit panel meter with 12 mm LED.
  • Resolution : 1 Kilomaxwell Turns range.
  • Accuracy : ±0.5% of full Scale.
  • Input Resistance : 10 Kilo Ohms.
  • Drift : Less then 0.5% of full scale per minute on 10‘Kilomaxwell turns range.
  • Output Voltage: 1 Kilomaxwell turns range.
  • Input Power : 240 V, 50 Hz, 25 VA.
  • Output Resistance: 1 Kilo Ohms.
  • Dimensions : 210 x 95 x 225mm, Weight 1 Kg.
  • Optional : Recorder output of 1V across 1 Kilo Ohms.

Used in measuring DC. Magnetic fields, Ferro Magnetic Detectors, Field Surveyors, Production Test Systems, Voltage Integration, Hysteresis Loop Tracers and Magnetic Shielding Tester.

  • Technical data and specifications are subject to change.
  • A Special Flux Meter can be made on request. Please send us their technical data and application, which are required for our engineers to provide.
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